Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th September 2022
Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm
Warwickshire Event Centre

Below are the details of all layouts and clubs who will be at the 2022 show.


  • Ambleton Vale
    Ambleton Vale has been built specifically with exhibition operation in mind and models a branch line terminus in the 1960s. A highlight of this model is the detail around the railway including a racecourse, market and more.
  • Ashcombe
    Originally built by John Spence, Ashcombe is now owned by Anthony Hubbard. I have refurbished this 6’ x 2’ G.W.R layout based in Devon in the 1940’s
  • Barton Road
    Barton Road is a DCC operated, BR Western Region triangular junction layout, located in the run-down suburbs of Bristol in the early 70s. Photo courtesy of Andy York
  • Canal View
    First ever layout project, which was built just for fun!
  • Diesel and Electric Modellers United (DEMU)
    DEMU is an independent society catering for all modellers of the railways of mainland Britain in the Diesel and Electric era regardless of scale/gauge affiliations or modelling ability.
  • Gravelly Oak
    This is a small ‘modern image’ (2000-2017) terminus of a formerly GWR branch which is still operational for passengers on the border of the West Midlands and Shropshire.
  • Griffin Road
  • Hogwarts and Hogmede
    A single-track layout based on the Harry Potter films. It shows the castle/school and the village. There are lots of details and characters for visitors to the exhibition to find and enjoy.
  • Ishinaka
    A fictitious layout in Japanese N Scale (1:150) It's a terminus station catering for tourists. A fifteen road traverser represents the rest of the world. A tram service links the station with the Samurai Heritage Village.
  • Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society
    We are pleased to announce that the club have raised sufficient funds to be able to commence the construction of an outdoor 100 meter (approx.) circuit for 32mm & 45mm gauges on land adjacent to our clubhouse. Please visit our stand for more details of the project. LWMRS is the local club closest to this exhibition venue and is now fully operational again with meetings taking place as normal. You can find more information about the club and details of how to find the clubhouse by visiting our website at
  • Mainline Stefanstor with branchline to Altefähr
    Following a typical South-German main line we will pass lovely riversides, a base of the technical help service (TRW), a container terminal, a nursey, a heavy duty street transport and a fire brigade before we reach “Stefanstor” station.
  • Mickleover
    A through station on the Great Northern Railway's Derbyshire Extension, 1878 - 1964. It then became a test track for BR Research Dept. The model is accurate with some shortening of the cutting to the tunnel
  • Neu Orle
    A fictitious layout built during the first lockdown of 2020 - Neu Orle being an anagram of rule one
  • New Millfields
    "New Millfields is an overhaul of 'Millfields' (which last appeared in 2011) a 24ft, four track mainline set in the BR period 1984-95 with scale length trains"
  • Norms Garden Railway
    This is a little fun exercise to show N Gauge being used for a garden railway in 1/12 scale. Track is tomix as are the little trains.
  • North Road
    North Road, (No relation to Darlington) is a twin track DCC run-round with repair, fuel, carriage and wagon repair facilities. Totally fictitious, located anywhere you wish.
  • Novelty Coffee Table
    Constructed for entertainment and to make use of old bits left over from previous projects
  • Seen Better Days
    “Seen Better Days” is a miniature railway within a N gauge setting, once a thriving area the miniature railway was laid down in the local park and is about to close as the whole area is to be redeveloped.
  • Squaw Falls
    Squaw Falls, the waterfall whose name is shrouded in legend, is located in a mythical part of the North Central or North Western US.
  • Tamcester
    Tamcester is a large town somewhere between London and Birmingham, served on a loop off the West Coast Main Line. Set in the sectorisation years of British Rail anywhere between the mid 1980s and the early 1990s
  • The 2mm Scale Association
    Founded in 1960, the 2mm Scale Association exists to promote finescale modelling at the scale of 2mm:1ft. Members gain access to our exclusive component range, designed to enable simple and accurate construction.
  • The N Gauge Society
    We are a non-profit organisation, run by volunteers for the benefit of N Gauge modellers. We have several thousand members worldwide, and welcome new members, whatever their current skill levels.
  • Tipton Hills
    An old ore mine preserved for tourists with train rides on a variety of preserved engines and coaches and demonstration freight trains, with a car park for tourists room for camping, a small boating lake and picnic area.
  • Ttrak NFI
    This layout comprises of modules which are a mixture of reality and fantasy. It gains inspiration from a French fire station and the Scottish Highlands.
  • Tuemyll Junction
    The layout is none regional or period specific and is usually operated with either in BR Green or Blue.
  • Vale of Oxbury
    A Western Region junction station in the 1960’s with all the trimmings. Watch along with the Trainspotters on the platform, Swindon’s finest Steamers and new Diesel Hydraulics hauling scale length trains.
  • Village in the Snow
    This single-track layout shows a village covered in snow. The villagers are out and about and there are lots of details to find. A fun layout for everyone to enjoy.
  • Woodhead
    Woodhead is an N gauge layout based on the station of the same name on the now closed Manchester, Sheffield and Wath (MSW) route through the Peak District.
  • WorldWide Group of the N Gauge Society
    An established group dedicated to further the modelling of railways outside of UK in N scale. Regular and informative good quality magazines with specialist documents available to Members through website.